Hand dyed Fabrics- Shipping and Questions

What is the average shipping time?

This is a question that cannot be answered very easily. When an order is placed we usually ship within 3 to 5 days. The problem lies not in when we ship but how long it takes for the postal service to deliver the order to you. I have seen orders take less than 10 days and then anywhere from 3 to 4 weeks. What I can say is that we ship all orders immediately and most do not have tracking numbers as this is more expensive. If a piece of fabric is needed immediately I would suggest using a more expediated way (ie: courier) and this will cost more and I will be more than happy to quote you the shipping cost.

Do you do custom sizes?

Yes we do! Pricing is based ont he size and per the inch.

Do you dye custom colours?

Yes, we do! Though we do ask for an extran couple of days in the dying process as these are done by themselves and may require additional steps to be created.

Are your fabrics washable?

Yes, the fabrics are washable. when we are dying the fabrics they are washed prior to the dye and then afterwards in a hot wash. You can wash them should you wish to do so.

Are your fabrics colourfast?

Yes. We use solutions that bind the dye and stop the dying reaction. Then fabrics are washed, dark colours may even be washed twice, so that we can remove all unbound dye.

Now after saying this if you are someone who likes to wash their piece after stitching, please remember that most threads arenot colorfast, including DMC. It is recommended that you only rinse your piece in cool water and not let it soak at all!

How often do you make new colors?

Colors are made whenever I am designing. As well when I see a piece that I need to stitch that requires a new color. So I could make 4 colors this week and none in the next 6 months. Many times colors are created from a special order or just when an accident occurs in the dye processes. Should I like the colour then it joins my collage of colors.