Enchanting Lair News

March 2008

Hope everyone is getting ready for spring to arrive!

Winter here has been long and filled with plenty of snow.
Therefore,I have been busy designing and have created several new designs.
Several of the new designs will be on a medieval and celtic look as you can see with the first set of new designs released.

Medieval Cross was the first in the new series of medieval designs.
The idea is from our trip to England several years ago, where you would find a cross similar in style to our cross in the center of the town square.

Another new release is different than most of our traditional fantasy designs, but we had to make this design, the idea comes from all that scrapbooking I have done for years!

Once upon a Stitch .... is a medieval journal that you can write allyour patterns you are working on the inside sheets, or just take notes of any kind.... the pages are removable and replaceable at your discretion!

Well it's off to work on more designs with several shows coming up in the near future..... you can catch us at the following shows in 2008:

Hopefully we will see you at one of the many shows we are attending.