Hand dyed Fabrics

To order any of our fabrics please check out our fabric listing where we also have a link so that you can view the colouring based on fabric style.

We have posted for you a breakdown on how the fabric will dye, please note that each piece will be different.



Enchanting Lairís collection of beautiful hand-dyed and hand-painted fabrics were created to enhance our designs. Our goal is to see our fabrics used on any special project you may wish to stitch, just use your imagination!

Each piece of fabric has been washed in a rinse to remove the sizing , soaked in an activator and then either hand-painted , hand-dyed or immersed in a dye bath. Once the fabric has been cured over the next several days we have washed the fabric several times in hot water to remove any excess dye. After this process is complete the hand-dyed fabric is color-fast.

Please note that when you remove the piece from the packaging should you have crease lines just spray with a little water and iron the creases out, the fabric will not run.

We also would like to say that no two pieces will be exactly alike, ensuring that the stitcher will have their own unique look to the design they are stitching.

  • Aida -can be very vibrant and are wonderful looking and when you stitch with the hand dyed aida the finished product looks like it has been stitched on a linen!
  • Evenweaves- are far more subtle than either Aida or even linens. Colouring though is quite unique and can make any design rich with a mottled backdrop!
  • Cashel - is this designers favorite choice of fabric use, as I like how the colours take and can be manipulated light or dark.
  • Belfast - is a wonderful linen which has been popular with the avid stitcher. In 32ct the fabrics are rich in colour and tend to be darker than 28ct Cashel!
  • Edinburgh -36ct linen as one of the higher counts linen creats a much darker shade when dying , so for those projects needed a dark tone this is the fabric to use!
  • Newcastle -40ct linen has the darkest colouring of the linens
  • Opalesence -is very striking even without dying, but comes to life as you will see with the pieces we have in our handdyed collection!

Fabric Pricing for 2014-2015

1/8 YARD
13 x 18
1/4 YARD
18 x 26
1/2 YARD
26 x 36
54 x 36
Aida 14ct, 16ct, 18ct
$ 9.50
$ 18.50
$ 37.00
$ 74.00
28ct & 32ct Lugana Evenweave
$ 21.50
$ 43.00
$ 86.00
25ct Dublin Linen
$ 13.25
$ 26.00
$ 52.00
28 ct Cashel and 32ct Belfast and 36ct Edinburgh Linen
$ 13.25
$ 26.00
$ 52.00
Opalesence 14ct and 16ct
$ 13.25
$ 26.00
$ 52.00
Opalesence Evenweaves 28ct and 32ct
$ 13.75
$ 27.00
$ 54.00
$ 108.00
Opalesence 28ct and 32ct and 36ct Linen
$ 15.00
$ 29.00
$ 59.00
$ 118.00
Opalesence 40 ct
$ 15.25
$ 30.00
$ 60.00
$ 120.00