Gallery of Designs on Hand Dyed Fabrics

Evening Primrose by Mirabilia stitched on 28ct Meadow

Tree of Hope by Mirabilia stitched on 28ct Pistachio Opalesence

Mirabilia - White Winter Santa on 28ct Blue Frost Opal


Winter Fay by Passino Rico on 28ct Rhapsody

Sabrina from Mirabilia stitched on 28ct Marquis

Meditteranean Mermaid by Mirabila stitched on Meditteranean Seas

Enchanting Lair Designs on our hand-dyed fabrics

Watch Dragon on Sunset

A Dragon's Crest on Meadow

Beleive on 28ct Meadow

Celtic Sewing Box on 28ct Jade

Dragonflight on Purple Horizon

Wind Element on 28ct WInd

Water Dragon on 28ct Dragon Skies

Tree of Life on 28ct Celtic Skies

Soulamtes on 28ct Pink Soul

The Proposal on 28ct Highland Grass

Celtic Thunder on 28ct Bonney Heather

Fiesta Biscornu on 28ct Sunset

Dragonsheart on 28ct Irish Fields

Enchanted Garden on 28ct Passion myst

Galaxy Dragon on 28ct Galaxy

Medieval Cross on 28ct Medieval Rose

Elfstone on 28ct Autumn Forest

Draco on 28ct Seafoam